What is SEO ? How it's works ?
SEO helps to drive more organic visitors to your website. By doing SEO more people dicover you on top search ingines so you gate more traffic to your website. and, since it works directly with the marketing system, you can turn more of them into customers.
To do seo first inhance your website with meta data back-end tactics that top search engine recommend. Then, rich content pages for the product and services you want your site to show up for in search, so more people looking for this products and services can find and visit your site.
One thing local businesses want is more locl customars.So, to get local people you approch to local seo. For doing local seo optimize your listings on dozens of map and directory listings like Google+ Local so your website more local searsh traffic from both web and mobile.
To do seo we follow certain methods
1. Publish fresh contents.
2. Blog and post articals.
3. Custom infographics related to your target product's and services.
4.Publish your content to your claimed social media sits like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, so it gats more likes on your visibility in search.
Websrishti will help you by doing all the above steps and also give you proper gydence to be in the first stage of all the reknowned and top search ingines. we also do the keyword research for you which is very nessery for Search Engine optimization.

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